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App design

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The NSW Department of Education sought a mobile partner to create a mobile app to allow for a more effective communication channel between parents and their children’s school. 

There are currently several private party apps on the market filling this void; however, these came at a cost and varied in features and overall quality. 

I led this project as Creative Director at KPMG Digital Experiences from 2020.

Using a human-centred design approach, the NSW Education team was taken through a product development workshops program to determine the key objectives, user journeys, wireframes, visual design, and technical architecture. 

Accessibility considered layouts
All pages have been designed to allow fonts to increase and grow while not sacrificing information clarity. We also create each page with Screen readers, Switch controls/AssisstiveTouch in mind. 

Colour contrast
We check that all adjacent colours and fonts pass the AA colour contrast standard. 

Clear Wayfinding and touch accommodations
Ensuring that all modals and bottom sheets have prominently displayed exit buttons (Cancel, Done, etc.). 

Changed states
Making icons and elements display current states, e.g., when a filter is changed from its default setting within the filter modal, the filter icon indicates this. Screen readers require this as well as when a user employs switch control.

The end product is an app that is set to revolutionise how schools and parents interact. The application is currently in beta and due for a wider release later this year, and the Department of Education already has an extensive feature roadmap for later releases.