Grow The Music

What we delivered
Brand identity
Grow the Music is a social enterprise who deliver music development programs and workshops in Aboriginal, migrant and refugee, LGBTQIA and vulnerable communities.

Since 2012, they have worked with musicians and artists from the NSW coastline to the Central Desert and beyond.

I worked with the team at Grow the Music to craft a brand that was bold and flexible. The brand needed to elevate the program to the level that they could confidently represent artists on the national stage.

The team travel to remote aboriginal communities and empower them through music, so badges were designed that coupled the primary logo and the name of their community together.
Within the aboriginal community, the GTM team work with three tiers; The individual, the family and the community.

A social-media centric logo was created for use at small sizes. Grow the music could be reduced to GTM since most social media displays the name beside the avatar.