The only major Australian-owned wagering company in a landscape dominated primarily by European players. Crown Resorts took ownership of 67% of the company after James Packer bought into BetEasy late 2014.

I had designed the branding for BetEasy previously, so being a part of the brand's evolution was incredibly exciting. This branding project was undertaken while working as Creative Director at Love Agency in early 2015.
The Marriage 
The limitations were really set by Crown as their famous name was now being leveraged. The Crown Spray must be included, but in a respectful manner - this was the first time that Crown had allowed their beloved Spray to be used outside of the Crown logo.
It was important to combine the premium character of Crown with a young, modern approach. 
The Mark 
Considering that the service is exclusively experienced through a website and an Android and iOS app, it was vital that a Mark be created that would perform well at small sizes.
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