The Cloud Made Simple

HP came to Elastic Digital to create a site that would describe their Converged Infrastructure Platform. This platform allows all the independent devices in your data center to work together.
The site needed to speak to three specific verticals; Healthcare, Government and Finance.
We pitched the concept of working with ‘dot-to-dot’ drawings to visually describe convergence. At first these drawings seem like a random placement of dots and numbers on a page until you draw a line between them to form a picture. This idea was applied to the three verticals. Upon opening each page, the dots are connected and the relevant image is formed – a pill for Healthcare, a building for Government and a piggy bank for Finance.
Final Designs
'Dot-to-dot' icon family
The 'dot-to-dot' concept was also applied to all details of the design. All icons were created in this style and even the HP logo in the corner became a dot with its own number and line.
Mesh is an illustrious Sydney PR Agency led by Suyin Cavanaugh (formerly of Cav Con).
Charlotte Wahrendorf
Logo designed for a Danish weaver specialising in cotton and wool.
Magnus Omme
BrandingWeb Design
Logo and site designs for Swedish photographer.
Kelly Geddes
BrandingWeb Design
Kelly Geddes is an internationally acclaimed fashion photographer.
Various Logos
The Game Just Changed
The only major Australian-owned wagering company in a landscape dominated largely by European players.
Drury Lane Eatery
Drury Lane Eatery is a boutique café and kitchen in Port Macquarie, Australia
BetEasy is Australia's last wholly owned Australian bookmaker.
My Sweet Cuisine
My Sweet Cuisine is a French Pâtisserie in Bondi Beach.
Make Your Data Center a Cloud Contender
Art DirectionWeb Design
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